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Multi-functional Endoscopic Camera Processors

At Pentax with one system we do it all!  Everything is possible with Pentax.

Flexible Video Scopes, TNE, rigid an fiber scope connectivity, TNE exams, compatability with the acclaimed Pentax Strobe and Digital Recording System!  Pentax covers ALL your needs as an ENT specialist.

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HD Imaging with a flexible 

 Video monitor imaging with a High Definition and High Resolution Flexible Video Scope.

Review sharp video imaging with your patients, colleagues and students.

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Discover the Full Compliment.

Paediatric, adult, portable, channelled flexible fibre scopes - The full compliment!

Invest with Pentax into a lasting solution that will meet your needs for years to come.

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  Market leaders for a reason! 

ENT surgeons world wide specializing in Laryngology and Speech Therapy use the Pentax Stroboscopy System to capture superior vocal vold imaging and unmatched video recording and reporting.  

This is known as the Kay Pentax system.

Enjoy the benefits that the Pentax Digital Recording Stroboscopy System brings to your voice clinic.

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  Trans Nasal Eosphegeal Exams 

Pentax is the world leading TNE supply specialist. 

Consider TNE for your clinic to learn the positive impact this will make.

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PENTAX ACCESSORIES                           

What will make my life easier?

Quite often a clinic operates with out those little essentials which make life so much easier!

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