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FNL-10RBS Portable

10Fr Portable Flexible Fiber Scope

The FNL-10RBS is my personal pick of the Pentax flexible fiber scope range!

A true portable solution with a detachabe BS-LL1 LED powered battery light source.  ImagineBattery_Light_Source.jpg the benefits this can add to your mobile clinic and your ward rounds? Think too of the cost savings and space savng advantages. 

There is also an option to connect a Pentax detachable light cable BS-LC1 to the FNL-10RBS.



FNL-10RP3 Routine

10Fr Flexible Fiber Scope

The FNL-10RP3 is a true testament to Pentax's long standing reputation for delivering durable high quality flexible scopes! 

Designed with an intergrated light cable this scope is widely used throughout the world by ENT specialists for their routine clinical exams. 

The slim line nature of the FNL-10RP3 makes it a popular choice. 



FNL-7RPS Paediatric

7Fr (2.2mm) Flexible Fiber Scope

Every ENT Specialist who manages children should consider the FNL-7RPS paediatric scope as their "go to scope".  Consider the sensitive adult too - this scope will surely help.

Extremely robust for its small size, 2.2mm distal tip dilating to 2.4mm. 

Invest into a durable solution that has many times over proved its value.


FNL-15RP3 Channelled

15Fr Flexible Fiber Scope with a 2.2mm Working Channel

The FNL-15RP3 is an excellent solution when a biospy or laser treatment is required. 

Durable and robust, you wil enjoy the extra wide view and clarity this has to offer.

Single use Pentax biopsy forceps make Pentax an attractive convenient solution.