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9310HD Digital Recording System

The Ultimate Solution

The 9310HD recording system is designed for specilized stroboscopy recording and slow motion uncompressed play back.  In fact all exam types such as TNE can be recorded, played back and stored on this system!

Pentax realize that patients who are receiving voice therapy often require several follow up visits.  Record, retrieve and play back video files for comparison with 3 terrabites of available storage, whilst also connecting patient information to the Hospital PACS network.

"There can be only one" - and this is it!imagesU6JLIRNI.jpg



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9400 STROBE                           

The Quality Solution

The 9400 strobe is the labourer of the Pentax Stroboscopy system.  This specially designed Xenon light source is specifically dsigned for the ENT specialist. 

The system consists of Pentax EGG signal compatability, lapel microhone and laryngeal vibration connectors to assist in accurate voice capture and measurements.

Works best with the Pentax EPK-i5000 and EPK i-7000 camera technology, and serves as the Ultimate Package when linked to the 9310HD Digital Recording System





 9214 HD AMER_SVS_PRO-P_Model_9214HD_Camera_High-Definition_Camera2C_3-CCD28800x53329.jpg

HD Camera Unit 

The 9214HD Camera is the state-of-the-art HD, 3-CCD camera recommended for PENTAX Medical digital stroboscopy systems in SD or HD. The 9214HD provides excellent images in combination with our Laryngeal Stroboscopy Light Source, Model 9400, and the Rigid Endoscopes, Model 9106 and 9108.

Excellent image quality

Model 9214HD supports 1920 x 1080 HD resolution for crystal-clear image quality.