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 JR Medical - About us

JR Medical is a Medical Imaging Specialist with a specialised focus in Endoscopy.   We supply quality medical device solutions that enable NZ Health Professionals to provide the best possible care to their patients. 

JR Medical is strongly grounded in the philosphy that great business partnerships, strong customer relationships and reliable equipment solutions are founded by the desire to serve others.

JR Medical has now represented Pentax Medical for 5 years in ENT, and with growing customer support JR Medical is now representing all Pentax Medical products in NZ including Gastro / Endoscopy.  New products include the Plasma TYPHOON drying and storage system and the IMAGINA imaging platform for Endosocpy.

JR Medical supplies the Spiggle and Theis range of German re-usable and consumable products including Tubavent Eustachian Dilatation and Panetti Endoscopic Ear Surgery Instrumentation. 

JR Medical also represents Tristel NZ as their Rinse Assure AER water treatment sales agent.

Joshua Naeff the Managing Director has specialized in Chemical Health Care Solutions for 11 years and Endoscopic Surgery solutions for eight years.   

From clinical and theatre support right through to instrumentation reprocessing and training JR Medical can help you meet your Health Care goals.