Pentax Medical Endoscopy

PENTAX Medical is an established leading provider of gastrointestinal endoscopy products designed to meet a wide range of clinical and economic needs.  Colonoscopes / Gastroscopes / Small Bowel Enteroscopes / Duodenoscopes / Endoscopic Ultrasound / Endobronchial Ultrasound / Brochoscopes and Scope Pilot 3D Navigation.

The Plasma Typhoon is a unqiue solution for complete drying and safe storage of endoscopes of all brands.  Research shows that to create and maintain an endoscopy’s disinfected status, complete drying is an absolute necessity.

As part of its Triple Aim program, PENTAX Medical continues to act for improved hygiene control and reduced infection and patient risk with the PlasmaBiotics System.

The unique and innovative combination:

For perfect drying of inner channels in as little as 150 seconds and the endoscopes secure storage for up to 31days